• Hit a Home Run!!

    Stepped up to the plate and hit a home run with this custom cookie!!
  • Weddings, Birthdays, Baby Showers... Dragon Magic is EVERYWHERE!

    "Will anyone want to have Dragon Talon cookies at their party?"
    Answer: Yes. Apparently, a little Dragon Magic is always welcome at a celebration! It's become a lot of fun to see the Dragon Talon cookie orders come in with their special custom requests...
  • "O" It's a COOKIE!!!

    When visiting one of MultiCare's new "Indigo Urgent Care" Puget Sound locations on a Grand Opening day or Special Event, you will receive a delicious Novelty Bakery Art KeyLime Pie Cookie. Bright, company branded packaging and a unique, yummy flavor makes for a memorable experience!
    If you need guests to remember the great time they had at your event contact - Kim@NoveltyBakeryArt.com, I'll be thrilled to work with you. Together we'll come up with something really special!!!
  • Hopping Down the Bunny Trail...

    First batch of "Bunny Tail" cookies in Almond Shortbread finished with Toasted Marshmallow Glaze and Coconut Sugar Sprinkle is hoppin' to go! For packaging, I'd like a vintage look so, I rework a turn-of-the-century Victorian Easter postcard to blend with the coloring of the cookie. The image reminds me of Beatrice Potter's art style so, I've decided to leave out the Easter greeting because I think these would make adorable Baby Shower favors, as well as.
  • Welcome to Bigfoot Territory

    Combining two Pacific Northwest legends for one yummy treat - Sasquatch and Starbucks!
  • That's No Moon (or a Piece of Cake)... That's a Ridiculous Cookie to Make!

    Boy, it's a good thing I had The Force with me, this cookie was seriously, putting up a fight. After three tries at a dark chocolate cookie dough, I've got it - one that is moist, hold's its shape, AND tastes yummy! New Star Wars inspired Death Star cookie by www.NoveltyBakeryArt.com
  • And.. This is What Happens When Chris Pratt Visits the Bakery, In My Head

    When BAM... Out of the galaxy and into my head pops Star-Lord and his Awesome Mix ...Inspiration hits like a Moonage Daydream!!
  • Welcome to the Novelty Bakery Art Blog

    "Scrumpalicious" was quite a mouthful and THAT is the job of the cookie! The name, "Novelty Bakery Art" feels on point and rolls with more ease off the tongue!